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A starship trooper is a first-individual shooter game advanced via Strangelite Studios and published by means of Empire Interactive. The sport is primarily based upon the canon of the movie universe.

Set 5 years after the events of the film, the game shall we players expect the role of ‘Marauder zero Six’ as they assault the planet Hesperus which has been invaded via the Arachnids. the sport functions photos from each the unique Starship soldiers and Hero of the Federation films for pre-assignment briefings and has a small, cameo voice-over from Casper Van Dien should the player fail it. As of 2013, the game is extraordinarily uncommon to Starship troopers’ fans and lots of major physical and online game companies together with Steam and Gamestop now not deliver it. And due to its rarity, the Amazon website charges new copies from round $50.00 USD to round $one hundred.00 USD.


The single -participant recreation capabilities a marketing campaign mode consisting of a series of missions related by using undertaking briefings. After a level is finished it’s far then available to play in a Time attack mode.

Most missions contain a participant completing a single goal, with obstacles at the way. As an instance, the participant’s last objective is to rescue comrades. The participant may additionally have to discover the squaddies, defend them, retrieve components, repair system, and then escape.

For the duration of the course of a mission, a participant can also run into one or extra bosses, regularly a Royal warrior or a bug that performs a heavy aid function, such as a plasma worm or a tanker.



Marauder 06 (codename/callsign Spooky): The participant man or woman, with a penchant for partying, is despatched on extraordinarily dangerous missions, once in a while alone. He is one of the simplest Marauders within the entire marketing campaign, and apart from him, only Marauder 01 is ever shown. The Marauder is feared and revered for his role, and is idolized by using different troops.

Commander Harris: The officer in orbit who directs the Marauder on his missions.

Marauder Dropship Pilot: She flies the Marauder’s dropship, and saves his existence on a number of activities. She is extremely courageous, risking her own life to resource the Marauder.

Jensen: A mech-trooper, skilled to repair Federation system, is seen during the sport, frequently to restore protection systems. Whilst he appears, the Marauder has to protect him from the local Arachnid populace.

General Hauser: A Psi-Ops officer who developed the X-bug. He need to be rescued on multiple events, and additionally releases the X-worm.


Multiplayer in Starship soldiers consists of three exceptional modes; Deathmatch, group Deathmatch and Co-op. The most famous mode is Co-op which sees players protecting a mechanic from an onslaught of arachnids whilst retrieving elements to restore a dropship to escape in. The community and foyer capabilities of Starship troopers were provided with the aid of Demonware who have now withdrawn the offerings.

Promised committed server and amendment tools were in no way launched, along with the last of the authentic English boards participant numbers inside the multiplayer sport had been very low. The sport also lacked any console or server command which makes it not possible to execute a ramification of essential admin capabilities which include kick, ban or a map trade. Ultimately because the balancing of the guns is directly inherited from the singleplayer mode which means that deathmatch play is not very aggressive.

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